Ari Kaplan Advisors produces an annual market research report – E-Discovery Unfiltered: A Survey of Current Trends and Candid Perspectives – based on independent anonymous interviews with 25-30 professionals responsible for e-discovery decision-making. In 2017, Ari Kaplan personally spoke with ten in-house lawyers, nine in-house legal administrators, and eight AmLaw 200 law firm partners about vendor management trends and to record their direct impressions of the following 30* companies:

  • Advanced Discovery
  • Catalyst
  • Commonwealth Legal
  • Consilio
  • Deloitte
  • DiscoverReady
  • eDiscovery Point
  • Epiq/DTI
  • eTERA Consulting
  • Everlaw
  • Exterro
  • Fronteo
  • FTI
  • Integreon
  • Ipro
  • kCura
  • KrollOntrack
  • LDiscovery
  • Lighthouse eDiscovery
  • Logikcull
  • Navigant
  • Nuix
  • Pangea3
  • QuisLex
  • Recommind/OpenText
  • Ricoh
  • Special Counsel
  • UnitedLex
  • Zapproved

100% of the participants implemented e-discovery tools, developed e-discovery processes, and selected e-discovery tools and vendors. All but one managed the e-discovery budget. Of the nineteen respondents from corporations, seven were in financial services, including banking and insurance, four were in life sciences, three were in manufacturing, two were in retail, one was in energy, one was in transportation, and one was in entertainment. 59% worked for companies with revenues that exceed $5 billion and 79% worked for companies with over 10,000 employees.

Among other topics, the report specifically identifies the legal industry’s most significant trends, where survey participants are investing in e-discovery in 2017, the services that are most valuable to them, the qualities that matter most when choosing or working with a provider, leading vendors for analytics, the cloud, and visualization, preferences for accessing technology solutions in the future (i.e., in the cloud or on-premises), the biggest e-discovery headaches, and whether companies are bringing more of the e-discovery process in house.

*The list of vendors under review is not meant to be comprehensive and the inclusion of a company in the discussion is not designed to indicate any market position. A primary purpose of the report is to provide the companies who invest in its content with direct insight on their businesses and an overview of their competitive landscape. A more expansive compilation of providers is available here.


Ari Kaplan, a leading legal industry analyst, is an inaugural Fastcase 50 honoree, a fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, and a finalist for ILTA’s Thought Leader of the Year award. His most recent book, Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace (Wiley, 2011), was also released in Japanese (Akishobo, 2012), and West Academic published the second edition of The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development in 2016.

He is the principal researcher for a variety of widely distributed benchmarking reports and has also been the keynote speaker for events in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and throughout the U.S. Kaplan is also the founder of the Lawcountability business development platform, a finalist for ILTA’s Innovative Solution Provider of the Year award, and a two-time Ironman triathlon finisher.

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“Ari’s report was extremely valuable for helping us even better understand how we’re perceived in the market, and what else we could be doing to meet the needs of both customers and non-customers alike. It provided the kind of transparency and insight you get from candid face-to-face conversations-and that’s the best kind of feedback you could hope for.”
Shawn Gaines
Director of Marketing Communications, kCura
“The insights we gained from this report – confirming things we believed to be true and highlighting a couple of things to which we needed to devote a bit more thought – were instrumental in helping us achieve strong growth during this past fiscal year.”
Bill Piwonka
Chief Marketing Officer, Exterro Inc.
“We found the unbiased input in E-Discovery Unfiltered a very valuable complement to our in-house customer surveys.”
Steve Schley
VP of Marketing, Kroll Ontrack
“For the past two years, I have used the E-Discovery Unfiltered report as a strategic guide, helping to influence decision making in our business. The report is an efficient and cost-effective tool for us to gain insight into current market trends and candid perceptions that have directly influenced our business plans and investments. What I find most valuable is that Ari Kaplan takes the report deeper than most market research by adding recommendations for next steps, helping to turn the results into actionable intelligence.”
Lori Tyler
Vice President of Global Marketing, AccessData



This includes the unfiltered impressions of your company and the ability to rank two competitors. Ari Kaplan Advisors will ask about competitors even if they are not participating. The report will specifically highlight: whether respondents have heard of or worked with your company; what he or she thinks your company is known for; a list of chief competitors; detailed impressions of your business; your collective rating on a scale of one to ten; and, a ranking against two peers.

SWOT Analysis

This features an analysis of your key competitors, a description of your leadership position, the perception of your pricing, and other details to help you tailor your marketing strategy. The report you receive will specifically highlight: the tools used throughout the industry; where respondents and their peers are investing in e-discovery; the issues they care about most; industry leaders; techniques that are working and those that are not; and, what matters most when working with a vendor.

SWOT Analysis & Consulting

This consists of a SWOT analysis of your company’s competitive position, and a follow-up market analysis call (up to 60 minutes) with Ari Kaplan to provide a broader perspective. The discussion will address key concerns related to perceptions of your competitors and suggestions for improving your position in the marketplace. Your entire team is welcome to participate and can focus on a range of issues. The goal is to develop an action plan based on the research results.


E-Discovery Unfiltered founder, Ari Kaplan, has conducted hundreds of interviews with buyers of legal and e-discovery services over the past decade. Through these conversations, he has observed an incredible evolution in the way that they consume content, interact with sales professionals, and engage in collaborative decision-making.

The E-Discovery Unfiltered report tracks the impressions of leading vendors in the legal technology and e-discovery sector to provide actionable insights on how to gain market share and adapt to emerging trends. Through this research, Ari Kaplan personally advises individuals and their organizations on how to implement leading strategies to earn a competitive advantage. The Unfiltered Sales Training series is designed to give those who are charged with connecting their product or service to law department leaders and law firm partners practical ideas for raising their profiles and creating meaningful sales opportunities.

From social media engagement and content creation to interdisciplinary collaboration and outreach timing techniques, e-discovery and legal technology sales professionals will learn proven strategies for encouraging prospects to take their calls, fueling productive follow up, and ultimately converting contacts into clients. Training sessions are available in one-hour, half-day, and full-day programs, with individual coaching sessions included as needed.


Boost your business development potential by building your brand and reaching the people you want to meet most in this engaging and interactive presentation that leverages findings from the E-Discovery Unfiltered report to tailor the messaging to the legal technology and e-discovery market. Attendees will learn how to successfully cultivate long-term professional relationships by employing technology to raise their profiles, strengthen connections to leading individuals, and reach out to key prospects, including cross-selling colleagues and referral sources. From social media and content creation to public presentations and dynamic follow-up, participants will immediately be able to apply proven techniques for standing out and reinventing their businesses.


This sessions expands on the one-hour presentation by applying key strategies and impressions from the E-Discovery Unfiltered reports to support attendees in creating comprehensive business development plans. Participants will learn how to identify target prospects, including employees and organizations, draft correspondence and content that appeals to their audience, and enhance their productivity. The discussion also provides practical ideas on how individuals and organizations can take advantage of industry conferences, webinars, live programs, and other events. Half-day attendees will also have full access to the popular Lawcountability business development software platform and iPhone app for six months following the program.


In addition to the half-day curriculum, program participants will meet with the instructor in small groups and individually to identify specific concerns, outline a schedule of follow-up activities, and build accountability into their operations. Full-day attendees will also have complete access to the popular Lawcountability business development software platform and iPhone app for one year following the program.


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